2013 – The Year It All Began!


Dear Tally One Community,

As we near the end of 2013, we want to pause and take a look back at the amazing year we’ve had.  I’d like to share with you the exciting timeline for our first year on the internet and share some of our favorite posts over the past year.

January 2013 – Tally One goes live on the internet!  We started with two writers, one of whom was deployed to the Middle East at the time.  It was our entrance onto the blog scene and we busted out the gate with confidence and new content every couple of days.

March 2013 – Our new online community of readers was young, but growing.  We wanted to provide our readers with more than just articles, so we hatched an idea that would become a line of aviation-themed apparel. March was the month we found our designer and went to work.

May 2013 – Our awesome original logo didn’t seem quite in line with our new endeavor with the clothing, so we revamped our logo and came away with a cool set of wings!

July 2013 – We launched our online store!  Our focus was to provide a safe, secure website from which our readers could buy items like our line of graphic t-shirts to help them live out their fighter pilot lifestyle.

August 2013 – We met Max and David at Airplanegeeks.com and discovered the wonderful world of aviation podcasting.

December 2013 – We joined up with Brent Owens from iFLYblog.com to indulge our aviation addiction by starting our own podcast! We also kicked off an Indiegogo project to appeal to crowdfunders everywhere for help raising money to make our website mobile friendly. (We’ve got 17 days left as of 29 Dec 2013 so PLEASE HELP US OUT!)

2013 saw a total of 134 posts on Tally One!  If you’re just joining, you’ve missed some awesome content this year and need to do some catching up!  Here is a list of our Top 10 favorite posts this year.

1.  The Surprise ILS
2.  First Flight In The Raptor
3.  My First Solo Cross Country
4.  A Higher Call
5.  Christmas On Alert
6.  The Passenger
7.  The Long Haul Series
8. A Dying Breed Series
9.  Ferrying Skymasters To ‘Nam
10.  Red Air

Over these past 12 months we have met some incredible people, heard and shared some amazing stories, and had some remarkable experiences.  We want to share the military aviation experience with our pilot/enthusiast friends everywhere and help you live out your high-speed, high-G force dreams.  If you like what you’ve found here, tell your friends, leave comments, and share our stories on your social media venue of choice (we’ve got lots of options at the end of every post!)  So stick around and help us make 2014 the best year for aviation junkies EVER!


Rob Burgon
Chief Editor, Tally One