A-10 Demo

I have nothing but mad respect for A-10 pilots.  You take a guy, encase him in a titanium bathtub with wings and engines, strap a BUNCH of ordnance to the belly of his jet, give him a giant gun, and send him into the most inhospitable environments imaginable and you get insane amounts of violence delivered with pinpoint accuracy.

The Featured Video this week showcases the mighty Warthog and its maneuverability, but it doesn’t give you the whole picture (even though the video is over 17 minutes long).  You don’t see the precision with which ordnance is delivered.  You don’t see the men and women on the ground whose lives are saved because a Hawg-driver was on station and rushed to intervene when a call for help was made.

I posted another A-10 video about two months ago (a much shorter video than this one) in case you want to see more of this awesome aircraft.

I hope to explore the Fairchild Republic A-10 “Thunderbolt II” (aka the “Warthog”) more in the near future.  I’ll be hitting up my friends who fly this tough bird for some stories, but if there are any Tally One members out there that have experience with this jet, please feel to submit a story!  Happy viewing!