A-10 Warthog: Air-to-Ground Dominance

The A-10 has been removing bad guys from the battlefield since the 1970s and remains the U.S. Air Force’s premiere air-to-ground fighter.  This video documentary was professionally edited and provides a small glimpse into the world of the Warthog and its pilots.

Originally dubbed the “Thunderbolt II”, this flying “tank” was built by Fairchild-Republic and showed up at its first operation squadron in March of 1976 and has yet to be outshined by any other air-to-ground fighter.  It was built around the GAU-8/A Avenger gatling gun and carries up to 1,174 rounds of 30mm high explosive incendiary.  This thing is called a tank killer for a reason.

Not only was it designed to deal death to those on the ground, it was also made to take a punch.  The cockpit and key parts of the flight controls are encased in titanium to protect the pilot’s ability to continue flying after taking fire.  The aircraft can take a hit from a 23mm projectile and just keep going.

Having flown with Hogs in numerous exercises, I can tell you these aircraft and their pilots are top notch.  Being down low exposes them to myriad threats, but these guys are all about laying down the hate and getting the job done.  We’ll be posting more on this amazing aircraft in the future, so check back frequently!