Glider Aerobatics

Those of you who have executed aerobatics know how important energy management is.  When flying any type of aerobatics routine each maneuver must be carefully planned so that the exit parameters (airspeed, altitude, attitude) of one maneuver marry up with the entry parameters of the next maneuver to ensure a smooth flow throughout the routine.  If you are not executing a routine (just doing maneuvers separately without stringing them together), energy management is still important and can be very challenging.

Now, imagine doing all that planning and flying without a motor.  Enter Luca Bertossio in his Swift S-1 glider.  Luca is the 2012 World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Champion. (I didn’t even know people did aerobatics in gliders, let alone an entire routine!)  The video is somewhat lengthy, but well worth the watch.  Our hats are off to Mr. Bertossio and his aerial exploits!

You can read more about Luca and follow him throughout his career at: