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GFM LogoGOFLIGHTMEDICINE.COM is an amazing reference for pilots both military and civilian. It is run by Rocky “Apollo” Jedick, a military physician who is very connected with the flying community.  Apollo leverages his experiences in a fighter squadron as the flight doc with his extensive medical background to bring vital flight physiology information to the rest of us.  We highly recommend a visit to this site!



  1. Francis says:

    I am a Landing Gear Systems Designer interested in learning about tandem aircraft Landing Gear Control logic and user interface issues/concerns/feedback. All of my experience is with side by side cockpit seating arrangements with Boeing aircraft with a single Landing Gear control Lever centrally located. For the T-38, I assume there are two Landing Gear control levers. Are they linked mechanically or electrically together or is there a selection switch that allows instructor over-ride?

    1. Rob Burgon says:

      Hi Francis, apologies for the late reply. The T-38’s landing gear lever is mechanically linked between the front and back seat. As far as instructor override – you bet, as long as the instructor is stronger than the student! There really is no way to keep the student (who sometimes flies in the rear cockpit on instrument flights) from dropping the gear at high speed other than manually guarding the lever.

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