Ian Davis

When you first meet a fighter pilot of the British Royal Air Force (RAF), you can’t help but think he is a gentleman of the highest order. His polite demeanor represents all the good things your parents tried to teach you as a kid but never stuck. Despite the RAF officer’s friendly countenance, it doesn’t take long for the fun-loving, mischievous fighter pilot spirit to manifest itself; proving that fighter pilots are all cut from the same cloth.

It is with great honor that I introduce a kindred spirit: Ian Davis. Ian comes to us from the GR-4 Tornado, an air-to-surface fighter, where he dropped more iron on bad guys than you can imagine. You will be seeing more of him in the coming weeks and months as he has joined our writing staff here at Tally One.

Ian will provide an unparalleled look at life in the sky–be it from the cockpit of the Tornado while fighting the forces of evil, or from the flightdeck of a Boeing 757/767 where he regularly finds himself now that he’s hung up his fighter spurs.

I have been very impressed with Ian’s writing style. His easy-to-read, no-nonsense approach to aviation is entertaining and informative. We are lucky to have him with us! Be sure to check out Ian’s bio below and check back on Tally One frequently to follow Ian’s exploits.

Welcome to the team, brother!

Bio–Ian “Lugs” Davis

Ian “Lugs” Davis was taught how to fly by the Royal Air Force when he was 17 years old and continued his airborne dream for 21 years until he retired from Active Duty in 2010.  During his military service, he spent 10 years flying the Tornado GR4. During this time he graduated as an Instructor Pilot and Qualified Weapons Instructor (Fighter Weapons Graduate in USAF speak!) and he spent three very busy tours on operational front-line Squadrons before finally ‘retiring’ from the military as a Squadron Leader and Flight Commander.  During his time in the Royal Air Force he completed four operational tours of Iraq supporting Coalition forces in Op Resonate South and Op Telic and took part in exercises in Malaysia, the USA and throughout Europe.

Upon retirement, he didn’t hang up his G-suit, but moved to the Middle East where he instructed on fighters for five years before finally exchanging his flight suit for a short-sleeved shirt and a commercial cockpit.  He now flies Boeing 757s and 767s throughout the Middle East for a well-known logistics company.

Ian is married with three children and is a keen sportsman having played semi-professional and competitive rugby since his youth and his other sporting interests include snow-skiing, golf, running, cricket and basketball.

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