Piano Burning and Other Fighter Pilot Traditions

The world of the fighter pilot is steeped in tradition. Over a century’s worth of ritual, superstition, and lore permeates the life of modern combat aviators. Every time-honored tradition upheld in today’s fighter squadron is infused with deep meaning and strengthens the bonds between our airborne warriors.

In Piano Burning and Other Fighter Pilot Traditions, you will be given a behind-the-scenes view of the combat aviator’s world through the eyes of a modern-day fighter pilot. Get ready to explore the sacred origins of these customs and rituals as practiced by the men and women who fly the deadliest fighter aircraft in the world:

— Fighter Pilot 101
— Friday in the Fast Jet Business
— Roll Call
— The Legend of Jeremiah Weed
— Fighter Pilot Songs
— Squadron Bar Games
— Tactical Call Signs
— Mustaches
— Challenge Coins
— Apologies
— Temporary Duty (TDY!)
— The Four-Letter “F”-Word (it’s not what you may think!)
— Piano Burnings
— Debriefs
— Fighter Pilot Vocabulary

This book is written for an audience of all ages. Whether you are a kid contemplating a career in the fast jet business or a retired fighter jock looking to share memories of your world with your family, Piano Burning has got you covered. Check six!