Visor Covers

100% custom handcrafted, right here in ‘Merica, each visor is handmade to the exact specifications for whatever lid you may be sporting as you deliver the sound of freedom. Designed by a fighter pilot for the bros, we offer 100% customization so you can look righteous whether you’re slinging AMRAAMs or dropping JDAMs.

What we offer:

  • The Sport Lid (Standard 55P Helmet)
  • JHMCs (Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems)
  • Scorpion
  • F-35 Gen 3
  • Alpha Eagle

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Need somewhere to keep all of those slightly above, below average briefs? We got you covered with our custom briefing binders. Store all of your briefing guides, gouge, and white papers in one place. Perfect for the FLUGee or bro getting ready to get demolished in IPUG. Also, great for each squadron briefing room to store standard products. *Not recommended for the BOBs who claim to have all their briefs “memorized”.

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Morale Patches

Everything from BFM cards (to see has established dominance in the squadron or lack thereof), to tail numbers, to shout outs to your college (except the academy), we do it all. The day of the sillhoutte of your jet is over (unless you really want that). Get creative fellas!

Other Swag

Here at Tally One, sunglasses are MESL and we want you stepping in style. We will throw your call sign, jet, and just about anything else you want on the gear you step to your chariot in.

  • Helmet Bags
  • Pubs Kits
  • Bag Tags
  • Key Chains (for when you step to your truck… or prius)
  • Gloves (coming soon)

For pricing details, see our orders page!

Coming Soon (STS)

As Tally One continues to expand, we have a lot more on the way. If you want something customized, or have an idea, feel free contact us to see if we are up to the task.