Salute to Our Navy Bros

The Featured Video this week isn’t expertly edited and put to cool tunes.  It’s just raw footage of F-18 ops from an aircraft carrier.  Yup, no frills, just awesome aviation footage.  I gotta hand it to these guys – after flying a tank-fight-tank-fight-tank-fight BFM mission they still have to go back and aim to land on a piece of concrete that can change elevation by ten feet or more in a matter of seconds.

Pay attention to the footage of the carrier flybys at deck level.  Wow, these guys are doing about 500 KCAS as they cruise by, so no, the video is not being sped up.  They really are going that fast!

I’m glad to know that we have the capability of putting fighters and ordnance on the doorstep of any country that threatens the lives or freedom of our people.  I’ve had the chance to fight with some of these bros and they are certainly top notch.