Slipstream Radio Episode 8

Episode 8 Show Notes

Intro Music: Crawling in the Dark by Hoobastank
Outro Music: In Vain by Under the Flood

Guest: Matt Guthmiller

Matt Guthmiller


In Episode 8 of Slipstream Radio Brent and Rob catch up with Matt Guthmiller, a 19 year-old freshman at MIT, who will attempt to be the youngest person to fly solo around the world.  We discuss his route of flight, divert considerations, and his planning and preparation for this record-breaking mission.

Matt has only been flying for a few years, but has racked up an impressive 500 hours of single-engine time.  It is clear he’s done his homework and is well prepared for his journey.  Join us as we pick his brain about all that goes into planning a flight around the world!

Matt will be donating the proceeds from his sponsors to, a charity focusing on improving computer education in grades K-12.

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Matt’s Route of Flight: