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To all the readers of Tally One:

Once again I find myself apologizing for not keeping the content fresh and flowing frequently here at Tally One.  I have been a little “busy” for the past few months, and although I have not had time to keep the blog updated, I have at least been able to contemplate and re-think my vision for Tally One.

I started Tally One out of a love for aviation.  That passion continues, and will do so until the day I die.  I have met a lot of amazing aviators since I started blogging and have learned a lot about flying.

My good friend Brent Owens, with whom I co-host the podcast Slipstream Radio, has taught me a lot and has helped me expand my passion for flying.  Brent is, in my opinion, an altruistic aviator.  He loves sharing the adventure of flight and doesn’t expect anything in return.  Brent is also a great example of pilot/family man.  He always tells me that the day his writing interferes with his family is the day he will put the pen down.

I’ve always admired that devotion to family and certainly feel the same way.  Going forward, you may not see the weekly updates that were once the pride of Tally One.  While I still plan to keep Tally One very much alive, there will be some slight changes.  While I still want to provide people with insight into the fighter community, the blog will be taking on a life of its own.  I’m dedicating time to writing a book, and as time seems to be a zero sum game, that means less frequent posting.

There is a lot to discover and learn about when it comes to flying.  Our flying family is bigger than you think!  I’d like to take a minute to thank all of my pilot and aviation enthusiast friends for helping me stay motivated to write and share.  Pilots like Ron Rapp, Karlene Petitt, Eric Auxier, Mark Berry, Andrew Hartley, and Chip Shanle have helped me improve as a writer, a professional aviator, and as a member of our flying family.  I offer a sincere thanks to all of you for sticking with me and keeping me in the “group”!


I’d like to catch you up on some of the things I’ve missed out on posting over the past couple of months.  Once we’re all up to speed, I’ll resume normal posting and get back on the proverbial horse.


Blogging In Formation:

The group of aviation authors has picked up a new blogging model.  Each month we are featuring one of the writers and showcasing that writer on their own blog with a topic they have chosen themself.   Here are links to the last three months of #BIF


August – Brent Owens on Defying Gravity 

July – Cap’n Aux enlightens us on the Looming Pilot Shortage

June – Ronn Rapp took us Back to the (Supersonic) Future 


Slipstream Radio:

Although I have not been able to join up for the last couple of episodes, Brent has kept the show in tact with two amazing guests!


Episode 12: Cap’n Aux is our esteemed guest!

Episode 11: Brought us the infamous Dan Pimentel

Check them out HERE!


There’s a lot of great stuff going on in the world of aviation.  Stay tuned and we’ll be sure to bring you some great content!

Check six!

Rob Burgon
Editor, Tally One

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