Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

A Greek fable speaks of a wolf that made several attempts to steal and eat the sheep of a particular flock.  Every time the wolf tried to catch a sheep, the watchful shepherd took measures to defeat him.  After weeks of longing for the taste of sheep and keeping his eye on the flock, the wolf devised a cunning plan.  He would disguise himself as a sheep, and therefore be able to have his pick of the flock without the shepherd knowing he was there.  The wolf saw immediate success when he fooled the shepherd the first day he tried this tactic.  But the shepherd quickly saw that something was wrong, and was ready the second day when the wolf showed up to try his tactic again.  When the shepherd found the wolf, he hanged the wolf from his neck high in a tree – a solemn warning to the other wolves to not even think about attacking his flock.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing bit us once.  On September 11, 2001, terrorists used civilian airliners filled with innocent humans to commit an atrocious act that would be viewed with disgust by billions around the globe.  There is a possibility that wolves, once again, seek to use the innocent and the unprotected to perpetrate their heinous, despicable acts.  As evidence mounts in the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, speculations have been made as to the motives and the eventual outcome of what now appears to be a hijacking.


Earlier this month, Karlene Petitt, a very seasoned airline captain and accomplished author, began talking of the possibility that the flight deck was breached.  Now that evidence to support her opinion has surfaced, another experienced captain, Mark Berry, has weighed in on the matter.  Mark poses the theory that the airliner was stolen with the end goal of using it to carry out an attack.  If this “deliberate act” was in fact a precursor to an attack using a civil airliner, we must take every measure necessary to ensure that does not happen.  But before we lose our minds, there are a couple of points I’d like to make.

First, we are talking about a very large aircraft.  A Boeing 777-200ER does not just show up to a concrete strip or a packed dirt field somewhere without someone seeing it.  Unless that field happened to be in Area 51, bystanders will take notice.  There will be buzz or chatter on some level about the appearance of this aircraft.  Our Intelligence community now has the task of straining its resources to sift through potential leads and figure out who’s talking about this.  There is a chance they already know. The U.S. has cast a wide net around the globe encouraging informants to provide key pieces of information and receive compensation for such.  Information will get to us eventually – assuming the jet didn’t crash somewhere.

Also, if the aircraft did in fact land at a destination other than what it filed, it had to cross the ADIZ of the country in which it landed.  A 777 is not exactly stealthy, and unless whoever was piloting the aircraft at the time knew of a radar blind zone to penetrate, the country in which he landed knew he was coming.  If that were the case, there would have been prior coordination on some level for that to happen.  That type of coordination eventually gets noticed, if Intelligence channels haven’t noticed it already.

There are still so many possibilities and unanswered questions with respect to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.  The bottom line is this: we should not rule out the nightmare scenario that a stolen Boeing 777 could be used as an airborne weapon.  In addition to providing the Intelligence community the resources it needs to preclude such an attack, domestic rules of engagement need to be clearly defined and agreed upon by those in charge of our defense.  Now is not the time to panic, it is time to reevaluate and assess.  Are we doing everything we can to stand in the defense of our nation?  Or have we allowed ourselves to be lulled once again into complacency?  If we are not constantly watching for the wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing, we are not worthy to be shepherds.

Tell us what you think!  Will this “mystery” ever be solved?