Tally one

Military operations brevity term:
a single target, bandit,
bogey or enemy position
has been sighted.
Opposite of "No Joy."
"The wingman is absolutely indispensable. I look after the wingman. The wingman looks after me. It's another set of eyes protecting you. That's the defensive part. Offensively, it gives you a lot more firepower. We work together. We fight together. The wingman knows what his responsibilities are, and knows what mine are. Wars are not won by individuals. They're won by teams." — Lt. Col. Francis S. "Gabby" Gabreski, USAF

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Putin’s Business Plan

War is business, and business is booming.  It’s simply a statement of fact, not an assertion as to whether it is right or wrong.  Global military sales average $1.7 trillion (yes, trillion with a “t”) every year. With that much money up for grabs, you can bet there are a lot of savvy business people […]

NORAD Cropped

You’ve Been Intercepted!

You’ve just loaded your little family into your Piper Saratoga for a weekend vacation to the beach. An air of excitement has permeated your morning as you finish your walk around and ensure each family member is safely strapped in. You’ve gone to great lengths to ensure this trip will be a safe one. The […]


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Episode 15

Episode 15 of Slipstream Radio

Episode 15: Guest – J., a Charter Pilot from Texas In this episode we catch up with J. (name withheld) who is a 3,000+ hour pilot rated in the King Air, Hawker, and Westwind currently flying for a Charter company in Texas. J. tells about he got into flying and how he ultimately landed a […]

Viper Pilot

As A Pilot Thinketh: Four Traits of a Successful Mindset

Circumstance does not make the man; it reveals him to himself… – James Allen, As A Man Thinketh Have you ever wondered why it is that some people rise to great heights in life while others fall prey to a series of false starts, missed opportunities, or bad luck? Do the circumstances surrounding the individual […]

Be the bad guy. So the good guys can win.

In training, someone needs to be the bad guy. So the good guys (and gals) can be ready for battle.

The Tally One Red Air Bandits shirt pays homage to a training platform called Red Air. These skilled men and women play the role of the bad guys in the air, faithfully replicating the tactics and capabilities of adversary air forces.

Their mission: to challenge our country’s combat pilots, weapons-systems officers and controllers over and over again, until our pilots' responses are second nature.

So when a US pilot sees an adversary's best moves, it's hardly the first time. And he or she knows exactly how to gain the advantage and win the confrontation.

A comfortable blend of high-quality cotton (60%) and polyester (40%), the shirt has a somewhat athletic fit. If you like a looser fit, you might want to order one size up from normal.